Coffee at Caprice

Our supplier: FiXX is an Irish company who have been sourcing and creating superb coffee since 2004. 

Body and balance are provided by the Central American coffees used in this blend. Central American coffees are used interchangeably throughout the year to maintain a constant flavor profile as the seasons change. These coffees are primarily supplied from the Copán region of Honduras, as well as the Jaen and Cajamarca regions of Peru.

The Peruvian Andean highlands are perfect for coffee cultivation. Rich soils, a moderate climate, and high growth altitudes inhibit coffee maturation, allowing the beans to collect full flavor potential.

Despite not having the reputation of other Central American coffee-growing countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Honduras has quietly become the region’s largest producer, exporting more volume than any other country in the region and ranking seventh overall in the world.